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Lyrics and Music: Kevin Snyder

Kevin’s heartfelt song Drinking has been another staple of Kinetic. Over the years it has evolved a great deal since its origin as a simple ballad.

Well I’ve been out drinking and thinking of you
I can’t help but wonder what you’ve been up to
Have you been drinking and thinking of me?
Well that’s wishful thinking, I know it can’t be

Daylight is harsh, adds to the pain in my head
Along with the echoing tones, are the words you never said

Well this seems familiar, I’ve been here before
It was the last time you knocked on my door
I see you there, it begins my downfall
Forever, completely, at your beck and call

Fate can be harsh, when it comes to the hand it dealt me
Stars will never cross, lovers will never be

Well you got me believin, so I keep deceiving
Myself, thinking everything’s fine
I abandon all reason, I’m on my knees pleading
And hoping you’ll give me a sign

When I close my eyes, you’re all that I see
I know in my heart I can never be free
But should you come looking I’ll leave you this clue
I’ll be out drinking and thinking of you

I’ll be out drinking and thinking of you
I’ll be out drinking and thinking of you