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All In

Lyrics and Music: Dane Stark
Additional Music: Kinetic

All In was written by Dane Stark, a Livermore singer/songwriter and also the owner and winemaker at Page Mill Winery. Nick and Kevin took what started as a simple busker song and created the more complex and nuanced presentation found on Kinetic’s album.

I was somewhere south of Reno
When the snow began to fall on the ground
There’s no tellin’ where you’ll be in a week or two
When I come back around

It feels just like tomorrow
Is the longest darkest day of the year
And that seems to be the force from within
That pushed me away from here

I got tacos on the seat
Monkey Lizards on the vox in my car
Rain clouds on my six
But rainbows up in front, and not too far

I’m all in
I’m all in
I’m all in
I’m all in

You asked if we could have
Some fun, while you got back on your feet
Now the answer that eludes me
Is somewhere down this lonesome street

The road before me shines
Like a silver dollar in the sun
And the storm clouds at my back
Remind me that you’re the only one

I’m all in
I’m all in
I’m all in
I’m all in

I can’t be the one
Who stays and you call friend
So you’ll find me in the town
Where the road and sidewalk both end

I’m all in
I’m all in
I’m all in
I’m all in